Terms of Service

The following text is an explanation of the terms of use of the application

Using our services means that you have agreed to these terms. Please read this document to familiarize yourself with the terms of use of the cafe and contact us if you have any questions.


Basic User Requirements: To use our services, we need a device that is software compatible. These two factors affect the quality of performance and the way Audio Magnifier services are delivered.

Cost: Audio Magnifier is a free application and you will not incur any costs for installing and using this application on your device.


The Audio Magnifier privacy policy, which is visible in this section, explains the Audio Magnifier approach clearly. This policy is part of the Terms of Service for Audio Magnifier.


All texts, graphics, user interface, intuitive interface, photos, trademarks, application codes, and all the “content”, including the structure, selection, coordination, expression and arrangement of content and content on the site and the application are owned by Audio Magnifier. Use of the Audio Magnifier services and their content does not constitute any intellectual property right for the user. Users are permitted to use them only if the owners of the services are satisfied or by law. Therefore any use of the logos and trademarks of the Services is unauthorized by the owner

Consequences of Violation of Terms

Abuse of Audio Magnifier Services in any way, use of services disruption, use of malicious and spyware, unfair refund of purchased products, attempt to log in other than usual method for users, use of robots and any malicious access method It is forbidden to disrupt or impose additional burdens on any marketer services or servers through the information of the site, the program and its contents through any system and network, and Audio Magnifier will track the case if such activities are lawfully observed.

The use of café services in violation of human rights and current law is prohibited in the country and Audio Magnifier has no responsibility whatsoever

Changes to this document

The material in this document is not permanent and may be subject to change and revision by Audio Magnifier’s policies. If these changes are important, all users will be notified through the account.